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Are you a passionate beader ready to master advanced techniques and projects that inspire your creativity?

Advanced techniques become doable when you join the Cranberry Bead Weaving Club.

Get inspiration for projects and colours. Be confident to make choices informed by your knowledge and techniques.

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Have you tried a few techniques and are keen to explore how you can do more with them?
Do you find yourself watching lots of youtube videos but not making as much as you’d like?
Do you spend more time on youtube than beading?
Are you stuck using just a couple of techniques and need help to branch out and try something new?
Do you stress over which beads to choose for a project?
You are not alone !

What Happens When You Join

Hi, I'm Joanne from Cranberry Beads and I've been bead weaving for over 20 years and selling beads for nearly as long.  In that time I have met many beaders, taken many workshop and also hosted many workshop.

I get to talk to beaders at the shop and at beading events and I know the common struggles that are faced.

When I started Bead Weaving many years ago, I wanted to try everything, and learn how to bead so many different things. I wanted to learn and improve. I look back at my work and see how I have improved so much.

I am here to pass on my knowledge and experience to you in the Bead Weaving Club. 

Techniques, tension, and colour combinations are frequent questions that I get. Also a common theme that comes up is the club is to know what stitch you are working with.

Now I want to take you on a journey to explore bead weaving to a deeper level and share my knowledge gained over 18 years of bead weaving so that you can be a better bead weaver too.

Do you want to improve your Bead Weaving? If so this is for you.

Joining the bead weaving club gives you direct access to me to help you become a better bead weaver.

Join the Cranberry Bead Weaving Club to refine your beading skills and learn new techniques so that you can confidently create pieces that you love without the frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is right for me?

This is for you if you have a little bit of beading knowledge and want to grow it further and gain more skills and techniques to make you a better beader.
This might not be for you if you are an advanced beader and experienced in many techniques and variations. Though we do have several advanced beaders who enjoy being part of our beading community and who benefit from the structure to keep them beading regularly.

What will I learn?

Bead weaving techniques and variations on the techniques. These will build in to projects over the month that you can add your own style to. Inspiration will be provided and support and feedback from Joanne and other members.

What supplies do I need?

To start with you will need a selection of seed beads and delica beads, plus your needle and thread. The amonts will depend on how far you want to take each technique. If you have some other beads such as shaped seed beads (e.g. triangles, hex beads) and some fire polised beads or rounds that will be an advantage. Over the months you may wish to purchase additional different beads to vary the effects you can create.

How will I learn?

We will have videos, worksheets, instructions and lots of other really helpful materials to help you progress. These will be inside our membership portal that you get access to once you join. The portal contains content from the start of the club in 2020, so we'll guide you how to start so you are not overwhelmed.

When can I join?

We open every 3 to 6 months for new members to join. If you are on our newsletter list you will be the first to know, so please subscribe for all the latest beading news.  Check the top of this page to see if we are open now.

How long do I have to watch the videos and do the beading?

Although we have a monthly theme that you can bead to, the information will stay available to you as long as you remain a member. Some members like to work on the current months theme, but others work at thier own pace.

I have another question, who can I ask? 

Let us know your question via this link and we'll get back to you ASAP

I'm not in Australia, can I still join?

Yes, international members are welcome.  Depending where you are there may be an extra fee to pay for delivery of the quarterly goodie bag. And because it may take a longer time to reach you, you can pay extra for express post if you wish too. Please ask for details.

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